4 Trending Games That Will Help You Survive Social Distancing

With the rise of pandemic Covid 19 around the world, there has been only one recommendation doled out over and over: Stay Home, Stay Safe! It’s obvious that most of us earlier fantasied about never leaving because of the couch potato attitude and well, wishes turned into curse with the arisen of global pandemic which is making the entire world to stay at home for weeks together. If you need a break the work from schedule and all the bad news, then its best to keep your mind diverted and the ideal way to do so is by playing games as games are perfect escape from reality. And to help you in making the most of your gaming experience, in this article we will be discussing about the top 4 trending phone games that will help you survive social distancing. Check out the list below;

Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery

Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery gameplay Android-iOS - YouTube

In this game, you will be finding objects in the pictures and solving the mysteries coming by your way and clearing levels after levels. The game is an ideal choice for the detective minds as it comes from an intense story-line, satisfying audio, amazing graphics. This is never ending; you can continue playing for hours together if you don’t lose a level.


As the name suggests, #Selfcare is all about oneself, a game where you stay in bed. There’s no win or lose competition in the game, the forte of the came is to bring in an essence of peace and calm in mind while encouraging you to be gentle with yourself.

80 days

Being an oldie, 80 days game is still a goldie. Self-isolation days are the perfect time to try hands on this incredible game. This strategy game will give you a mission to race around the world within a duration of 80 days or less. During the game, you will have to maintain a balance between health and finances while keeping an eye on the time to ensure you don’t fall far too behind. The concept of the game is vast and is slightly different every time you play.

To sum up, social distancing would be a nightmare anymore as the above listed are the trending games that would keep you occupied. To know about such more games, stay connected to us.

Stay home, Stay safe

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